wellington Project

Wellington is located 150km east of Wiluna in the Earaheedy Basin in central WA, an area with the potential to become a world-class zinc-lead province.

Project highlights

Project identified in desktop studies, mid-2020

Rumble Resources announced an initial exploration target of 40 to 100Mt, 19 April 2021

GBR pegs Wellington project 19 April 2021

Aboriginal Heritage agreement signed May 2022

A desktop study by Great Boulder’s geologists in 2020 identified a large geochemical target in the Earaheedy Basin similar to Rumble Resources’ recent large-scale Zn-Pb discovery at Chinook.

At Wellington the Company has three tenements covering an area of 1,134km2 including 60km of prospective strike of prospective carbonate host units. The tenements are currently in application. Once granted, Great Boulder will commence exploration with field reconnaissance and surface sampling to identify targets for drill testing.

Given the scale of Rumble’s discovery at an early stage, Great Boulder considers the Earaheedy Basin to be potentially a world-class Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) Zn-Pb province.

The Wellington Project is approximately 150km east of Wiluna in the Earaheedy Basin.

GBR’s Wellington Project was generated by desktop analysis of publicly available surface sample geochemistry from GSWA.

Proterozoic sediments of the Eraheedy Basin overlie the Archaean Yilgarn Craton. Archaean greenstone basement is highlighted in the regional gravity image.

Steep north-westerly structures are likely to be critical for mobilisation of base metal sulphides into carbonate sediments.

Exploration by Rumble Resources and Strickland Metals has demonstrated the basin’s potential to become a world-class zinc-lead province.